Top-Rated Travel Gear for the Business Traveler

Welcome to Business Travel GearDo you travel for business? If so, you no doubt understand that business travel is vastly different from leisure travel, bringing its own set of challenges and benefits. If you’re a frequent traveler you also recognize that having the right travel gear can make an enormous difference in keeping you comfortable, productive and healthy on the road. Drawing on decades of global business travel experience, we’ve put together our best advice, recommendations, reviews and recommendations for travel gear specifically for the business traveler. We understand from experience that the gear you need for business travel is markedly different from what you’d typically need for a leisure trip.

While there’s plenty to complain about when traveling these days, we still love to travel and see it as a great privilege. Seasoned business travelers understand that compared to leisure travel, business travel can provide a much different and often more authentic perspective, connecting you more meaningfully to the people and place you’re visiting. Our hand-picked travel gear recommendations are designed not only to ease your travels, but more important, to enhance your overall travel experience that lets you get the most from each trip and look forward to the next.