Choosing Gear for Business Travel vs. Leisure Travel

Leisure Travel vs Business Travel

The gear you need for business travel is markedly different from that you need for leisure travel

Business travelers understand that while you may be schlepping through the very same airports, flying on the same planes and staying in the same hotels, business travel is vastly different from leisure travel, bringing its own set of challenges and benefits. Frequent business travelers have also learned that having the right travel gear can make an enormous difference in keeping you comfortable, productive and healthy on the road and that the very nature of that gear is distinctly different from what you might take on a typical leisure trip.

How is business travel gear different from luggage and accessories for leisure travel? Here are a few of the differences:


The wear and tear from the many miles you’ll log as a business traveler quickly separates the high-quality travel luggage and accessories from their lightweight cousins aimed at the occasional leisure traveler. High-end, durable luggage comes at a price but consider it an investment in durable, quality equipment that will last many times longer than inexpensive knockoffs. Further, high-end luggage companies often offer exceptional warranties, such as Eagle Creek’s “No Matter What” Lifetime Warranty.

Professional Appearance

It might be best not to show up at a business meeting wearing the same stained day pack you were mountain biking with the previous weekend. Appearance matters and the gear you travel with is a reflection of that. Trade your leisure day pack in for a low-profile professional travel backpack and that soiled duffle bag from your last softball game for a lightweight spinner carry-on. You’ll not only look more professional, but you’ll benefit from gear that more efficiently carries and protects what you travel with for business.

Light, Ultra-Portable

That line of travelers waiting to be first aboard the plane aren’t totally neurotic. Most are business travelers with one mission in mind: To be sure there’s room for their carry-on bag in the overhead bins. Most business travelers eschew the very idea of checking a bag. Plans change, flights get delayed, so not checking a bag gives you the most flexibility to make that critical meeting should something go wrong along the way. Going to a resort with your family for that annual summer vacation? Go ahead, take the steamer trunk. But business travel luggage, backpacks and travel cases need to be small, light and ultra-portable to keep you nimble, flexible and on time during your travels. Many of the best business travel cases are especially light and compact while still remaining road-warrior-durable.

Efficient and Organized

Heading to the mountains to ski? Go ahead…just shovel everything into your bags — you can sort it all out when you arrive at the cabin. Heading to a conference across the country? The shovel and “figure it out later approach” would be disastrous. You’ll be busy the entire week with precious little time to sleep, let alone organize. You’ve got to be efficient and organized from the moment you leave home and the best business travel gear helps you stay organized without even thinking about it, with clever pockets, compartments and other features that always keep important items at your fingertips.


When you’re on vacation, the goal is — or should be — to be as unproductive as possible. When on business, staying productive is essential and often a great challenge. Business travel gear is designed to keep you productive, by keeping your devices’ batteries charged, keeping you alert and healthy or otherwise allowing you to work with ease and comfort.


Like leisure travelers, business travelers can be targets for theft and other crime. Unlike leisure travelers, business travelers often visit non-tourist destinations and spend more time alone during their travels. Gear for business travel gear is often designed to be inconspicuous as to not draw unwanted attention; such gear also may have more built-in security features to protect the business traveler. In addition, many travel safety and security accessories are specifically designed with the business traveler in mind.

Frequent travelers often end up with a collection of luggage and accessories uniquely tailored for different types of trips. While many leisure-oriented items simply don’t work well for business travel, the good news is that your investment in high-quality business travel luggage and accessories will provide you with many good options that do, in fact, work well for leisure travel as well.

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